Happy Summer!

By Vladimir Brezina

The Summer Solstice, and so the beginning of Summer for us here in the Northern Hemisphere, is today at 23:09 UTC (7:09 p.m. EDT).

Summer—full of possibilities…

21 responses to “Happy Summer!

  1. Pure Art! Hopefullly the sun will peer through the clouds at sunset, as I always throw on the brakes and note my placement on the earth during the solstices and equinoxes. Salud! Z


  2. Gorgeous shot!


  3. Happy Summer to you,


  4. Looking forward to following your summer adventures…


  5. Lovely photo. I was very aware that yesterday was the longest day of the year. Something around 15 hours of daylight. I love waking up at 5 a.m. and it’s already daylight. I hate it when the days will get short again as they will all too soon begin to do.


    • Yes, light in the morning and especially light long into the evening…

      It’s a bit depressing to think that we’re just starting summer and already the days are starting to shorten… On the other hand, I am thankful that the same happens in winter, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain!


  6. Beautiful! Happy Summer to you, too!


  7. Happy summer to you :)

    We have yet to experience summer and now it’s all downhill ;)


  8. Oh, the simplicity of that photo … love it!

    Nowadays, I’m not all that huge a fan of Summer, but … so far, so good :)


    • Wide open possibilities…

      But I agree with you about Summer. I don’t tolerate heat all that well. And kayaking in really hot weather is pretty miserable, especially when it’s also humid and windless, as it often is on the US East Coast in the summer. So in the summer I prefer to go at night. Before I started kayaking, I, like most people, used to think that it was a summer sport. But it’s really a winter sport—the Eskimos had it right…


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