Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Create.

And these two did create quite an impression!


Other nice interpretations of “Create”:

50 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

  1. Indeed!


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  3. But where’s the rest of the band? :-D


  4. The red devil is far too cute to be scary :)


  5. I have been trying to find the link to Weekly Photo Challenge and I finally did through your blog! Thanks great pic by the way :)


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  7. I bet they did, i love the colours!


  8. of course Halloween always is a chance to create …


  9. Scary Demon and cute hotstuff! Rather a weird combination :-)


  10. Thanks so much for passing this along! As always, your images and narratives are admired and appreciated. Z


  11. Hysterical! I like it… Is it you?


  12. Well this made me smile


  13. A very clever interpretation! :)


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  15. Is that you wearing the mask?


  16. Thanks for stopping by Writing Between the Lines. I lean toward canoeing, but relate to your kayaking. I love the photos you feature–photography, travel, writing, and storytelling are my passion, and your blog looks like a great fit. I look forward to following it.


    • Thanks so much for following our blog! We loved your “Create” photos, and I am sure that we will enjoy the rest of your blog :-)

      Yes, we tend to blog about things that interest us, which are many and varied. That may not be best blogging practice, but it keeps us interested! And if we are interested, hopefully that will make it easier for us to capture our readers’ interest too!


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  18. Made me smile! Scary! :P


  19. Oh that boy in red… so cute!!!!


  20. Adorable take on the challenge! :-)


  21. Awesome interpretation of the challenge. And such a cute baby :)


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