Travel Theme: Night

By Vladimir Brezina

Over on Where’s my backpack?, Ailsa has posted this week’s theme for her Travel Photo Challenge: Night.

Every now and again I travel for work to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where I stay in the old town. The heat is unbearable and the air conditioning is spotty. But toward evening, as the air cools, I walk through the town. Invariably I end up on the esplanade, the vast grassy open space that separates the town from the Castillo San Felipe del Morro, the old Spanish fortress that from a high promontory overlooks the town and the harbor. Many others are there to watch the sunset, to fly kites in the ever-present breeze, and to enjoy the soft night air. I randomly wander through the open space or just lie down in the grass under the darkening sky…

20 responses to “Travel Theme: Night

  1. Love the rays through the clouds in that top shot.


  2. These are such lovely shots…..well done….


  3. Vlad, you’re a secret romantic, aren’t you? I love those shots of the couple hand in hand, and the guitar player. I can just imagine you lying in the grass gazing at the stars and listening to the strains of a guitar. ;)


  4. I love these shots; as I am such a sucker for sand and surf.


  5. It looks like a good place to chill out at the end of a day. Does it usually storm overnight? Those clouds look rather large.


    • It’s a tropical climate—a lot of moisture in the warm air, heavy clouds much of the time, regular thunderstorms in the afternoons but not at many other times when in other parts of the world you would be sure, from the appearance of the clouds, that a storm must surely come at any moment…


  6. lovely romantic moods captured in these shots


  7. It’s been years since I’ve been to P.R., but this post just made me quite nostalgic. Beautiful pictures!


  8. whereimstaying

    Sounds and looks so lovely.


  9. It looks so lovely by night. That first photo is amazing. Love it. ;)


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