Despite Sandy, It’s Still Fall

By Vladimir Brezina

Despite Hurricane Sandy, there’s still plenty of Fall color in New York’s Central Park—especially when the sun shines, as it should for the next few days. Here is a foretaste!

26 responses to “Despite Sandy, It’s Still Fall

  1. Wonderful colours Vladimir!!!!!


  2. I was just commenting on another blog how much I miss autumn colours since I’ve moved from London to Brisbane. This year I need to enjoy the beautiful colours vicariously!


  3. Beautiful colours and light. :)


  4. Absolutely stunningly beautilful!!


  5. Nice capture of the foliage in CP.


  6. Wonderful, Vlad — the lighting is soooo nice in this — nature will show us beauty and then kill us. In fact it will show us beauty while it is killing us. So we must use our brains — the ultimate defense against beautiful death.


  7. Wow, Vlad, the colour and light is spectacular and so dramatic against the background.


  8. Blog, images, wonderful!!!


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