Travel Theme: Liquid

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Liquid.

Our favorite liquid, liquid:

Not liquid:

21 responses to “Travel Theme: Liquid

  1. Great shots, as always. I particularly like the second shot. The water splashing around her head looks like one of those silly water caps with flower-like detailing that you sometime see old ladies wear in swimming pools.


  2. I think this theme was made especially for you. :D Great photos.


  3. Great shots. Those first two are particularly amazing.


  4. Looks like you guys were having an awful lot of fun on the Jersey Shore :)


  5. Its your element – am sure you’re half fish


  6. Wonderful!!! The first and the third are great!!!! And also the last “liquid”…Going towards the adventure …


  7. Somehow I knew this theme was made for you guys:-) Lovely stuff!


  8. Fantastic shots Vlad!


  9. I hope the “not liquid” doesn’t deter you too much this winter…


    • Well, we are going to Florida a couple of times ;-)

      Actually, in NYC the river hardly ever freezes any more. There are some floes drifting down the river from upstate, but usually it’s possible to paddle year round.

      At the moment, however, the consequences of Sandy still make paddling a bit difficult…


  10. How could you not “hit the ball out of the ballpark” on this challenge? The photo of Johna kayaking on still waters is stunning!


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