Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime!

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Lunchtime.

When lunchtime rolls around, we’ve already been paddling for hours—and we are starving!

Sometimes we land. Over the years, we’ve had lunch in many memorable, picturesque spots—

Sandy Hook, NJOn the Hudson River near SaugertiesPea Island, Long Island SoundSouth Shore of Long Island

But often it’s just not convenient to land. We have our lunch on the water—

Off the Rockaways, New York City

And in winter we really don’t want to get out of our boats at all. We raft up for a few minutes in the lee of a convenient windbreak—on a Manhattan circumnavigation, we head for our favorite barge off Randall’s Island—for some hot tea and salami and cheese—

Our favorite barge off Randall's IslandWhat's for lunch todayHot teaSalami and cheese

And let me tell you, it tastes damn good under the circumstances!

(And a second post on the Lunchtime theme, showing our most recent lunch at the barge, is here.)

106 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime!

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  3. This brings fond memories of lunch on a tiny racing yacht out at sea, between races.


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  7. Love your amazing blog and thanks for the follow:)


  8. You do get to eat in some rather scenic places. I imagine you are quite ready for something to eat by lunch time! We saw a floating hot dog stand on a river somewhere in the midwest (via tv’s Travel Channel). Those fast food places don’t know what they’re missing out on!


  9. Great photos of your lunch venues, Vlad. That chair was a lucky find on the South Shore of Long Island. Lunch in style! :)


  10. Taking your lunch in the arms of nature… so beautiful!


  11. :) having lunch in such places make lunch even more testy


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