Travel Theme: Fragrant

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Fragrant.

It’s not even Thanksgiving, but the first Christmas decorations have already made their appearance in NYC store windows, so it’s not too early for this post…

No plastic Christmas trees for us. We always have a real tree. Plastic trees can look pretty, but lack an essential element of Christmas—the fragrance of a real tree, especially when that fragrance is released by the heat of real candles…

DSC_0018 cropped small

More photos from Christmas 2011 are here, and from Christmas 2012 here. Looking forward to Christmas 2013!

62 responses to “Travel Theme: Fragrant

  1. Going out to a farm to cut a tree is a part of our tradition–I love the way it makes the house smell, but we wouldn’t dare use real candles. But they are so pretty!


  2. I love the aroma of freshly cut tree!


  3. nothing beats the smell of a fresh christmas tree. lovely!


  4. Pine trees definitely get my vote!


  5. Ooh, that looks so warm and cosy. I’m feeling the holiday spirit now! :)


  6. Pretty sight! I can almost smell its fragrance, :-) I’ve never had a real tree before. Always wanted one.


  7. Oh yay! Christmas shots!


  8. I get the fragrance thing Vladimir – but I also get stressed about the wasted trees that don’t get recycled. Christmas /thanksgiving and all similar festivals are wonderful times for family but also of commercial excess – perhaps my aim should be to enjoy the gift of Christmas without worrying too much… this much is certain when I smell Christmas this year I will think of Kayaks and Manhattan


    • I hear you! Here in NYC, actually, I believe most of the Christmas trees do get recycled, if only because there are so many of them out on the street after the holidays that they have to have special pickups, and it’s simply much easier to feed all the trees into the woodchipper, and then use the chips in the park, that any other means of disposal…

      They also get recycled, or rather repurposed, in more creative ways, such as providing, in their thousands, the framework for new sand dunes to replace those wiped out by Hurricane Sandy…

      In terms of other holiday commercial excess, NYC is guilty as charged, however.

      Merry Christmas! ;-)


  9. You just went for the very best smell ever – mm-mm. I’m inhaling my screen (and applying lots of imagination, and perhaps a glass of prosecco.) Thank you, Vladimir.


  10. A nice nudge into the season to come, Vlad!


  11. You may have convinced me to get a REAL tree this year. It’s been about 15 years since, and I do miss the fragrance. M


  12. Lovely to see so many traditions continue in your trees. Have used candles, too, and they add so much! Have a lovely season this year!


  13. What a stunning picture.
    My neighbor has huge cypress trees with branches over the borderline, they also make fragrant trees. Will add the real candles this year.


  14. I smell your tree…I feel the heat…Oh! I’m so looking forward to Christmas…which reminds me….your Thanksgiving supper…when do I pick up my doggie bag?


  15. The first time I saw real candles on a tree was at the youth hostel in Grindelwald, Switzerland when I worked there for a time in the mid-70’s. It was so beautiful, but yes, care is needed. :-)



  16. Here in NH my yard smells the same each and every day :) Gorgeous tree!


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  20. there really is something special about the smell of a real tree


  21. Real tree and real candles, I love it! We get a real tree, but I’ve never been brave enough to add the candles.


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  25. I love this tree with all the real candles, so I’ve shared a link to it with my readers in this post.


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