North Versus South

By Vladimir Brezina

Different materials, but the same impulse. It’s a united country after all…

DSC_0368 cropped smallDSC_0203 cropped smallDSC_0471 cropped smallDSC_0864 cropped smallDSC_0373 cropped smallDSC_0493 cropped small

35 responses to “North Versus South

  1. The juxtaposition of snow with sand is very nice. It seems wherever we are we will play and create sand/snow creatures.


  2. No snow yet, we are still waiting…


  3. Off to Canada with everyone! Here we could build an army of snow creatures. Maybe we could try making a mermaid to make ourselves feel warmer :)


  4. Enjoyed the comparison. If you are a builder, you will build no matter what the medium :)


  5. lol! Love this! :)


  6. Loved these, Vlad. Such fun. :)


  7. Is that the Captree bridge in your header image?


  8. Love it! Yes united can you help shovel :) We are said to be getting a humdinger :) YOU rain, Ice or snow or all of the above?


  9. Sweet as a Picture

    Big difference but all beautiful! :-)


  10. Very clever, Vlad! A variation on the yin and yang of seasons? :-)


  11. Great comparison. I love it!


  12. That’s cute! Made me smile…hehe. :)


  13. Nice contrast :). You could also make diptychs out of those ;)


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