Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is On Top.

There’s a law in Florida that every post must have on top of it a pelican.

Pelican on top 1
Pelican on top 2
Pelican on top 3
Pelican on top 4
Pelican on top 5

More creatures on top are here.

55 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

  1. Very appropriate for the challenge!


  2. vintagefrenchchic

    Love this!


  3. Pelicans are my favorite birds! I live in a very landlocked city, so spotting a pelican means I’m on holidays near the sea!


  4. Lovely photos that are on top.


  5. :-) There might be such a law. Happy Easter.



  6. Das sind ganz wundervolle Fotos !!!


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  8. Such great pictures!


  9. Sold out, no top available! Good choise Vladimir


  10. And I thought the seal photo was great! Fabulous collection and I love your funny about the pelican and pole law.


  11. 2812 photography

    Love the pelicans. That said, they can sometimes get vicious if you get too close.


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  13. Nice take on the On Top theme! Very nicely done. All we have around here are seagulls and wild turkeys. :)

    Meanwhile, you’re welcome to come and see what my take on the theme is:


  14. really enjoyed the different shots. From my reader – only the first one was visible – and that would have been enough to make me smile – but then seeing all the rest was like – whoa – a TREAT! super cool for the challenge …. :)


  15. I love this! I think this is the best one of yours yet! Thank you for my morning laugh :)


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  17. Great shots—-and I like the way you sequenced them!


  18. Great shots… I love that ‘law’ ;) LOL


  19. Always remind me of pterodactyl :)


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  23. Wonderful pics. What is it about pellies and poles? There’s one pole in our local river and about 9 pelicans, who I think must take it turns to sit on the top. I’ve never seen dark pelicans before, ours in the antipodes have a lot more white on them. But then, our swans are black.


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