Travel Theme: Blossom

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Blossom.

Blossoms are intricate things…

DSC_0094 cropped small
DSC_0127 cropped small 2
DSC_0089 cropped small 2
DSC_0014 cropped small
DSC_0065 cropped small 3
DSC_0025 cropped small 2
DSC_0113 cropped small

48 responses to “Travel Theme: Blossom

  1. Gorgeous closeups.


  2. OH MY WORD these are beautiful. I need a macro lens.


  3. Beautiful detail shots!


  4. Some excellent colors there – really love that red :-)


  5. Great colours, great details! :)


  6. beautiful the white one,what type it is? :D


  7. Wow!! Amazing gallery!


  8. Vlad if you managed these lovely shots from your kayak then you are just too much. :)


  9. Love the last shot with the yellow specks everywhere. Love the shades of purple and white across the petals too, haven’t seen too many like that. Hope you didn’t have to bend down too much to take these close-ups :)


  10. Good shots, Vladimir! The last one is my favorite.


  11. Lovely colors for this week’s theme!


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  13. Love those close ups…


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  15. Nothing subtle about these babies —
    So different from photos of wave and water —-


  16. beautiful gallery of close up shots!


  17. Like them all but my favourite is the last one. Just beautiful.


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