Shine On, Happy Summer!

By Vladimir Brezina

The Summer Solstice occurred this morning, so we in the Northern Hemisphere are now officially into Summer. Happy Summer, everyone!

(Or, of course, to those in the Southern Hemisphere, Happy Winter!)

And, very appropriately for the occasion, Ailsa’s photo challenge this week is Shine

IMGP3585 cropped small
IMGP3539 cropped small
IMGP3599 cropped small

(Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts, 2011. Story and more photos here.)

32 responses to “Shine On, Happy Summer!

  1. I did go back for more stories and photos here! What a great ride.


  2. my flights to the east , are alwayz kewl when i come here :) hasta frum da Q


  3. This is such a beautiful minimalist shot, the light is beautiful.


  4. Lovely image! I love the steely tones.


  5. Marvelous photos, especially the top one.


  6. Happy Summer returned, Vlad.


  7. Happy Winter ???. I’m just come off the water on a day where the temperature plummeted to 18C, and its forecast to drop another 2 degrees tomorrow. I think I need one of those drysuit thingies you wear before it starts to snow here.:)


  8. Laura Bloomsbury

    yes you’ve captured the happiness that summer reflects – may yours be a good one


  9. Happiness inside a shiny photo, well done!


  10. Same to you Vladimir! Beautiful set of photos. I especially like the tranquil mood of the third one.
    I posted a photo for the first day of summer too! Check it out when you can.
    Happy kayaking!!


  11. Beautiful summer photos!


  12. Happy summer, right back at you! Great photos all, but especially love the ethereal quality of the first two photos :)


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