Travel Theme: Numbers

By Vladimir Brezina

Sometimes, kayak navigation is just a matter of following the numbers—

Paddling by numbers 1
Paddling by numbers 2
Paddling by numbers 3
Paddling by numbers 4
Paddling by numbers 5

A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Numbers.

17 responses to “Travel Theme: Numbers

  1. The third and last shots are my favourites with the birds on the signs.


  2. I guess, take a right at 78! I love all the birds on the numbers.


  3. Especially like the composition of the last shot! Nice,


  4. Interesting markers — day beacons with yellow patches — intracoastal waterway aids? We don’t have them here, very few cormorants these days also, but a surprise visitor showed up. A harbor seal! Very friendly to say the least.


  5. Love this post, especially the last shot where the black count himself is squawking “this post is strictly for the birds”


  6. You make it sound really easy. :D


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  8. What clever birds —- they know their numbers!
    Of course I’m also glad you both know yours.


  9. such fun! enjoyed this :)


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