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Travel Theme: Numbers

By Vladimir Brezina

Sometimes, kayak navigation is just a matter of following the numbers—

Paddling by numbers 1
Paddling by numbers 2
Paddling by numbers 3
Paddling by numbers 4
Paddling by numbers 5

A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Numbers.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

By Vladimir Brezina

It’s that season again, a thousand little signs tell me so—

Halloween's coming up!

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Signs.

Travel Theme: Signs

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa‘s Travel-Themed Photo Challenge for this week is Signs.

We travel around by kayak. So, you wouldn’t think we would run into too many signs. But we do!

Scylla and Charybdis
……..Some years ago, Erik Baard and I paddled down from Manhattan and landed on the beach near the northwestern tip of Sandy Hook. We had a leisurely lunch, took a stroll along the beach, lazed about, and after a couple of hours were ready to paddle back to Manhattan. But just before we launched, we thought that we might, just out of curiosity, find out what those two big signs that stood there, facing away from us, said…

In the meantime, on the opposite, eastern side of Sandy Hook, there is another set of signs…

Bitter Sweet Heaven
……..In January, an aborted kayak trip left us wandering through the streets of Red Hook, Brooklyn, aliens in our drysuits, observing the earthlings and their strange signs…

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Judgment Day
……..Last year, Johna and I were kayaking down the Hudson from Albany to New York City. Several days into the trip, we saw this sign promising, for the next day, devastating earthquakes that would usher in the Rapture… We hoped it wouldn’t disrupt our trip too much. But we were certainly glad to be out of New York City during this event. Traffic was bound to be terrible…