Clean-up Crew

By Vladimir Brezina

Do not watch if you are prone to nightmares involving swarming insects! (However, more than 8 million people have not been able to resist watching this classic YouTube video…)

I particularly like the way they carry off the skull in the end… :-)

Some background and explanation is here.

30 responses to “Clean-up Crew

  1. That was incredible! I agree it’s not for the faint of heart, but it was interesting to see how they took the gecko apart in such a short time.



    • Interesting how it took them quite some time to find the gecko in the first place, but once a few of them did, they all did… and also how they teamed up to carry off even the skull and other bones that were much larger than themselves…

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  2. The question is…*why* did they carry off the skull? Are they going to eat it, too?

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  3. Good grief! And I thought I could eat!!!
    Creepy. 😁


  4. Talk about slow death!


  5. I had to stop! Yes, prone to nightmares. Plus these little guys like to torment my cat, Parker, as they climb on the outside window and she tries her darndest to get them–cracks me up to watch that.


  6. Yikes! There is some serious work ethic!


  7. I funked it! Once you’d given the clue re: carrying off the skull, that was enough for me & unlike Lot’s wife, I resisted the temptation. However…I’m left with a mental picture of what the video might….oh dear lands!


  8. Grim. Amazed that they take the bones as well.


  9. Wow, now that is a serious chow-down! Was fascinating watching them carry the bones away – ferocious aren’t they? Happy New Year!


  10. Nope…I can’t watch


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