By Vladimir Brezina

Intricate red cabbage 1
Intricate red cabbage 2

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Intricate.

23 responses to “Intricate

  1. Cabbage makes such an interesting subject! A work of art!

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  2. or I guess I should say works of art.

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  3. Wow – a surprising entry Vladimir -and an excellent one too!

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  4. one can learn
    the universe’s
    most important lesson
    from that cabbage :-)

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  5. Amazing what you can do with red cabbage besides eating it! ;)
    Have a great Sunday,

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  6. Clever clever clever!!

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  7. A good one…

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  8. Makes you realise that nothing is ordinary when you really look at it. An inspired posting.

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  9. did you make an intricate salad with it?


  10. Brilliant! A great choice for this week’s challenge.

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  11. And tasty. :-)


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  12. What an inspired choice! The intricacies of nature are amazing. Have you seen the electron microscope fractal patterns that evolve into paisley?
    Saw them at a talk by James Glick, the chaos theory guy in 1988.

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  13. Great idea!!!! :)

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  14. If vegetable had never been invented, photographers would have to invent them. Great pictures. Isn’t it great? Take terrific pictures, then eat the subject :-)


  15. Clever idea, Vladimir!

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  16. perfect for the challenge! :)

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  18. Great new perspective of a common object. Viewers will never see a cabbage the same again!

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