By Vladimir Brezina

Earlier this spring in NYC’s Central Park…

Vivid 1Vivid 2

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Vivid.

14 responses to “Vivid

  1. Cherry Blossoms are always vivid and too soon gone.

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  2. Our crabapple tree blossoms are just starting to fade now in northern Minnesota, while the lilacs are just opening — it has been a late Spring! Love those fragrant clusters!

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  3. Been missing you two. Gorgeous vivid.

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  5. Great Pics, specially the 2nd one has amazing depth. Thank you for sharing.

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  7. That first shot’s a stunner Vladimir. I’d love to see it post-processed with an impressionist flair!!


  8. beautiful pics, vladimir…the trees in bloom and the close-up of the flowers are a visual feast…

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  9. sp beautiful! :)

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  10. You just reminded me that I missed spring in Central Park this year. Good photos.

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  11. Absolutely gorgeous! Makes me smile :)

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