By Vladimir Brezina

A fire? Nothing out of the ordinary.

But a fire in a cozy fireplace in a New York apartment, deep inside a high-rise building? We are already beginning to appreciate how extraordinary that is, as winter is surely coming

Fire 1Fire 2Fire 3Fire 4Fire 5

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, (Extra)ordinary.

28 responses to “(Extra)ordinary

  1. I love planned fires. So I love this. The sparks photo was amazing.


  2. Lovely roaring fires. This coming winter is supposedly the strongest one to hit Norway in many, many years so thank you for the warning!

    Congratulations to both of you! <3 <3

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  3. I’m trying to envision carrying wood up and ashes down in a high rise. :-) But, I know it is worth the effort to see those beautiful flames and feel that wonderful heat. We haven’t lit our pellet stove yet. It seems like once we do, winter has arrived, and it doesn’t stop running until April 1st. I’m prolonging the inevitable, I know. :-)


  4. Just in time for this cold snap too!


  5. Looks so cozy, David. Great captures. :)


  6. Special indeed! Nice fire photos that promise a warm winter.


  7. Amazing photographs! I feel warm already :)


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  9. OMG, you have a fireplace??? Not a DVD of a fireplace?? What a curiosity! Jean & Alex


    • Not a DVD of a fireplace, nor yet a fake gas-fired fireplace, but a real wood-burning fireplace :-)

      The first two would be easier to operate, of course. As it is, while we have substantial logs of wood, we still have to figure out how to swing that big axe of ours in the apartment without hitting anything other than the wood, or leaving big gouges in the floor…

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