By Vladimir Brezina

We are floating offshore in the Coral Sea, about twenty miles out from Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia.

What lies below the surface?

Below 1

The Great Barrier Reef!

Below 2Below 3Below 4Below 5Below 6(more photos still to come…)

A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Below.

26 responses to “Below

  1. Oh, how the great blue looks both magnificent and scary to me! Thank you so much for sharing the photos, this way I can vicariously experience what both fascinates me and scares me.


  2. That is so marvelously lush and rich. And that is the truest bluest water I’ve ever seen.


  3. Love the photos


  4. Beautiful pictures! I love the Great Barrier Reef


  5. I’m so glad you are enjoying the reef! Looks beautiful. I live in Queensland but am south of there. I hope you enjoy your stay in our country. Excellent photos. :)


  6. Too beautiful for words, thanks for sharing:)


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  8. Outstanding!


  9. You need a ‘love’ button for this one. :-)


  10. I have long wanted to go to the GBR.Your photos allow me to take an armchair trip. Gracious.


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