Daily Post: Relate

Johna and Kevin 2017

By Johna Till Johnson

Today’s daily post is “Relate”.

This spring I went to visit a dear friend on Long Island’s North Fork (one of my favorite places in the world). I have to write up that story, for it was an adventure on many fronts.

But meantime, today’s prompt encouraged me to post this photo, which is one of my favorite pictures of myself this year.

My friend is Kevin, who I’d met literally seconds before. The fun part is that we felt an almost instant connection. Right after we met, we shared a dish of vegan coleslaw. And he, my friend Christina, and I went on to spend a delightful evening of food and music.

Sometimes, when you meet someone new, you can just… relate.

11 responses to “Daily Post: Relate

  1. Marvelous!

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  2. Perfect description of the word ‘relate’ and I know just what you mean. I can see the connection in the picture, your ‘relatedness’ is apparent.

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    • Johna Till Johnson

      Thanks! Yeah it was pretty funny. Christina had just told me a teeny little bit about him–vegan, lives on a houseboat–when he showed up at the restaurant. I scooted over so he could sit down, and after we introduced ourselves I said, “Hey, do you want some of this cole slaw? It’s vegan and delicious!” He took one bite and then we shared the rest.


  3. That is a lovely photo of you, Johna. Such a glow about you.

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    • Johna Till Johnson

      Hey, I’m really learning about filters and such :-).

      Seriously, this was one of the few times I actually opted to REDUCE the saturation. (Well, ok, the previous post as well, but that was for obvious dramatic effect).

      I do like this photo. I was happy and it showed. Christina was SO kind to me!

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  4. Connections like this are the best! Great photo, Johna.

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  5. I think Kevin is wonderful!

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