Zlarin: Anchors at Sunset

The double anchors of Zlarin

By Johna Till Johnson

Last September I paddled the Croatian Adriatic coast with Peak and Paddle Croatia. It was enchanting.

For the first part of the trip, we stayed on the island Zlarin.  It’s a small island (winter population of 284), but has been inhabited since Neolithic times, and is famous for its coral divers.

This double-anchor monument was erected in 1977 to honor Zlarin sailors and emigrants. (Interestingly enough, that group includes Anthony Maglica, the founder of Maglite, who was born in New York City of Croatian parents, but returned to their hometown of Zlarin during World War II.)

I took the photo from the kayak at sunset, after one of our first trips. Stories are to come!

6 responses to “Zlarin: Anchors at Sunset

  1. An interesting monument.

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  2. Great picture, Johna! I like that perspective from the kayak. So you were in Europe last year. I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts about that trip. Btw, if you ever want to kayak in Germany [rivers and/or coast], let me know. I have avid kayakers as friends in Bonn who always welcome other kayakers, to help them find good waters, take them around with them, and even offer them a room to stay. I’d be happy to arrange a contact.
    Have a great week,

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  4. Beautiful pic. Love the masts on the horizon. The light and the masts frame this anchor monument beautifully


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