Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Summer.

As it happens, I’ve already posted a couple of summery posts just this week, here and here. But here is another take on Summer.

Cromer, Norfolk, England.

More photos are here.
And my second response to this challenge is here.

25 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

  1. Nice take on this week’s challenge. Perfect picture to go with the theme.


  2. Johna Till Johnson

    Hmmm… should I be concerned that all your “summer” photos are from your years in England, Vlad?? :-) Is a trip to the green and pleasant land somewhere in our near future? (And if it is, I’m holding out for pony rides!!)


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  5. You’ve just made me want to dig out my pictures from the boardwalk at Santa Cruz. Fun stuff!


  6. Thanks! I just subscribed here, too! :) See you ’round the blogosphere.


  7. Nice summer photos. I especially liked: Cromer, Norfolk, England


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  9. Seems I have seen the first photo on your past post. But still a good picture and a good representation of summer. Great…


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  12. Lovely selections Vladimir! :-)


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  15. Very nice pics! I feel like I wanted to jump into the beach. :D


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