Travel Theme: Oceans

By Vladimir Brezina

Over on Where’s my backpack?, Ailsa has posted this week’s theme for her Travel Photo Challenge: Oceans.

To my surprise, I find that I don’t have too many photos that really fit the theme. Yes, I have endless photos that show water that technically belongs to an ocean, but that isn’t the same thing.

So here are a few photos that, to me, suggest at least the beauty and mystery of oceans, if not their vast scope and power…

This, once more, was at Glover’s Reef Atoll, Belize, with Slickrock Adventures. Technically on a mere sea, not an ocean, but connected, ultimately, to all of them… More photos are here.

30 responses to “Travel Theme: Oceans

  1. How a-maze-ing! ;-)


  2. Wonderful shots of the sea!


  3. gingerbreadcafe

    Amazing! Love the tiny crab.


  4. Ahhhh…the infinate…such a great comparison to the ocean…and great photos too…no wonder I like visiting


  5. those are wild photos, the first almost looks three dimensional


  6. Beautiful patterns and shapes in these images!


  7. Really beautiful, Vlad, I’ve never seen a coral reef, but your photos make me want to head to Belize now. I just went through your trip photos, looks like you all had an incredible vacation!


  8. @Vlad, you always have a good idea during the trip :P Nice


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  10. I love the colors, Vladimir. I especially like the first photo…it almost looks like it is lit with a string of neon lights…


  11. These are great – the colors are wonderful! Thanks!


  12. Absolutely gorgeous! The little crab is such a beauty and the spiral of the broken shell just draws the eye.


  13. The variety shapes found in nature is amazing – great shots


  14. Exquisite photos – reminding us of the varied life that lives in our seas and oceans!


  15. Amazing! I just love the photo of the little crab in the seashell!


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