Happy Fall!

By Vladimir Brezina

DSC_0097 cropped smallThe Fall Equinox occurs this afternoon. So, although we very much regret, especially this year, Summer’s passing—Happy Fall, everyone! (Well, everyone in the northern hemisphere… for the others, Happy Spring!)

DSC_0097 cropped small 3

27 responses to “Happy Fall!

  1. Perfect BloggersTech
  2. Happy fall! (see you next year summer!)


  3. Beatiful colours! Happy fall to you too!


  4. Yes, and Happy Fall to you, Vladimir and Johna. And thank you for all the fantastic pix you’ve shared all through the summer. As someone who is unlikely ever to get in a kayak I have very much enjoyed your intrepid safaris around Manhattan and beyond.


  5. Love the colouring here Vladimir. Autumn is such a colourful season. Spring is full of pinks, whilst Autumn is full of yellows, oranges and reds


  6. Happy fall to your too. I hope all the fall days will be as beautiful as today.


  7. Happy Fall for sure!…enjoy these wonderful cool… colorful days!


  8. Lovely colours. Happy Fall to you too:-)


  9. Beautiful way to welcome fall. Happy fall to you too!


  10. bright and lovely colors! cheers to the new season!


  11. Of the season changes – this is my least favorite. Humbug! (nice pictures though)


  12. I am with Mr. Johnson. I’ve actually decided not to participate in fall this year, and will simply continue having summer till next summer. I view this as my queenly right. I will enjoy your fall postings, though, since you are going ahead with the season.


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