Travel Theme: Belonging

By Vladimir Brezina


A contribution to Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge, Belonging.

23 responses to “Travel Theme: Belonging

  1. This is a lovely composition and the connection to the theme is very thought provoking. Beautiful!


  2. Ein erholsames Wochenende wünsch ich ;-)


  3. This is wonderful! I don’t know who wants to belong more–the bird or that little branch hanging on for dear life.


  4. This is how it feels, living on a hillside………. Love this so am hoarding it!
    Happy Birthday to me today.


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  6. Great shot, Vlad. He looks very at home there. :)


  7. My area (southern region of New Jersey) is full of geese, and it’s getting close to the time of year where they start migrating. In December and late November, you can see multiple flocks of them flying south for the winter. It’s pretty cool.


  8. Reblogged this on annaeleni and commented:
    so beautiful..


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  10. Very nice and relevant to the theme


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