By Vladimir Brezina

On a Florida beach, different species stake out their respective territories with boundaries virtual—

Black skimmers on St. Pete Beach

or actual—

Still, invasion often occurs…

A monster approaches(Black skimmers on St. Pete Beach, Florida. Story and more photos here.)

A contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge, Boundaries.

17 responses to “Boundaries

  1. Nice interpretation. When I first read “beach,”, I thought you were going to show towels laid out. Birds are even better. :-)

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  2. Last year I saw a Black Skimmer on Cape Cod. I had never seen one before, and still haven’t seen dozens…


  3. It’s so satisfying to see a beach that is dedicated to its wildlife.


  4. I thought the same as Judy–beach towels. You are way too creative! this is great. :)


  5. What a great post. I’ve never seen skimmers. Now I want to go visit them (without invasion!)


  6. Lovely choices! The skimmers are so fun to watch.


  7. I love those birds so much! Have you ever seen them in your kayak excursions around the city? I’ve seen them a few times off Staten Island beaches, skimming the shallows.


    • Same here—we see one now and again. We saw one in Brooklyn, in Coney Island Creek, just a week ago. But they like to skim the edge of the water along sandy beaches, where we don’t find ourselves all that often…


  8. Fantastic! I’d love to go there for the birding first and sunbathing second! :)
    Did you see chicks…of the Skimmer kind? I’d be willing to bet you saw the other kind quite a bit. :) (wink)


    • I was there strictly for the skimmer kind, of course ;-)

      Yes, there were plenty of skimmer chicks (and somewhat older juveniles too)—if you look closely you can see some of them in the photos in this post. Here, for example:

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