Happy Summer!

By Vladimir Brezina

On the first day of summer, the possibilities are endless. As far as the eye can see, even the North Sea is blue…

Cromer, Norfolk, England(Cromer, Norfolk, England)

11 responses to “Happy Summer!

  1. Never saw the North Sea blue before! Must include a sighting of this in my next travels in the UK. Nice picture..

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  2. Happy Strawberry Moon Monday (and summer) to you, Vlad.


  3. jandreiventures

    I remembered where Mr. Bean went for a beach leish.

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  4. I thought this looked familiar! :-)
    Cromer is only 20 minutes away from Cley next the sea where we live. Give us a shout and I’ll put the kettle on. ;-)
    Warm greetings from the North Norfolk coast,
    Dina & Klausbernd


  5. Great photo. I must go to Cromer and eat crab.


  6. Oh yes, the North Sea can be blue. – Sometimes. ;)

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  7. Even if we have the Gulf Coast not too far away, I’m still longing for the North Sea coast.
    Have a great summer,

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  8. Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside, tra-la


  9. Of course that’s meant to say Pamela (…beside the seaside…) Age and all that :-)


  10. I thought that looked like a very British scene😆


  11. Where have you two gone?
    Wish you were here… Missing you both!


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