By Johna Till Johnson
Photo by Vladimir Brezina

The city is always magical at night…


Midtown Illuminations

A contribution to today’s daily post word: Festive.

11 responses to “Festive

  1. What a beautiful photo.

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  2. Very fascinating… :-)

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  3. How unusual that bright ship lighting is along the waterfront! Interesting! What city, may I ask?

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    • Johna Till Johnson

      Thanks! New York City (Manhattan, actually). Always “the” city to those of us who live there…. pretty funny when you think about it objectively! Thanks for commenting.

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  4. Diana Szatkowski

    Nice. Festive. Taken from your kayak? I love paddling at night (with a lot of lights and good company). So quiet and peaceful. Haven’t done it this time of year. Last Manhattan Night Circ with HarborLAB friends and guests was at the peak of the heat wave we had last summer. Thought twice about doing it on account of the heat and humidity but, once on the water no second thoughts. Was fantastic. Only place to catch a breeze.

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  5. Johna, sending you all my love for 2017. xxx Ailsa

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