By Johna Till Johnson
Photo by Vladimir Brezina

Squirrels 8

Squirrel clings… with an expectant look!

Vlad and I have always been fascinated by squirrels: The acrobatic way they catapault through the leaves. How quickly they can scamper up trees. The brazen way they beg for food (at least in Central Park). And most of all, the way they’re able to cling like Velcro to the trees….

In response to the daily prompt, “Cling”.

9 responses to “Cling

  1. Great minds, Johna! I posted a squirrel, also. They are fascinating little creatures! Yours is adorable.

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    • Johna Till Johnson

      OMG that was ADORABLE. Just liked, couldn’t figure out how to comment. But I think it’s great that we both picked up on the way squirrels can cling…

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  2. Nice pic of the squirrel, Johna. It reminds me of my teenage years when a squirrel used to be a regular visitor at my home. I used to feed it and it used to be around during our meal timings to partake of whatever food particles that were thrown to it. The visitation continued for several weeks till one day it stopped coming. The suspected culprit was a stray cat that would have probably preyed on the cute little creature. Some of life’s delights are just that, warming the cockles of your heart for a while and suddenly vanishing…

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  3. Johna, another lovely photo by Vlad. Thank you for sharing it.

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  4. I like the photo also. It’s very nice.


  5. cute and amazing! i used to wonder as a child how they move so darn fast! amazing photo by the way!


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