By Johna Till Johnson


Snow beside the East River, late winter 2017

Bent necks, leaning
Towards the East River
What are they listening

8 responses to “Crooked

  1. March can be a rather cruel month, can’t it? April is just around the bend… it’s gonna be a great month. Peace.

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    • Johna Till Johnson

      As wise Jewish grandmothers say… “from your lips to G-d’s ears”!! Where are you, by the way? Your blog says “in the Midwest”–is it one of those places that has lots of water? Great blog, too!

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      • Thank you, I live in the Chicagoland area in the western suburbs… I travel north and south from time to time. I am currently in the Middle Keys on vacation and I get to spend summers along an inland lake in Michigan’s lower peninsula. I sometimes return to my roots in southeast Texas and have a step-mom who lives in northern Mississippi. But mostly, I stay home and enjoy the beauty of northern Illinois. Have a wonderful weekend. Peace.

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  2. Ooh! I like this: “What are they listening for?”

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  3. Nice post! Happy weekend!!

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  4. At least the snow is nice and clean! ;-) I trust it’s all gone by now.

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