Daily Post: Dormant

By Johna Till Johnson, photo by Vladimir Brezina

Today’s daily post is Dormant.

Several years ago—I am not entirely sure how many—Vlad and I decided to go to the Central Park Zoo. I can’t recall at this point where the idea came from, but when we discovered that neither of us had ever been there (despite a combined residence in Manhattan of over half a century), the decision was made.

Thanks to our trips to Florida, Vlad at that point had begun getting quite serious about photographing animals, particularly birds. But of course wildlife photography is challenging, because the animals tend to run (or fly) away when they realize they’re being observed.

So he was delighted to be in an environment where the animals had no fear of humans. He took a number of quite amazing shots (which apparently we haven’t blogged about yet! Stay tuned!). This one captures today’s theme in what I hope is a slightly different way.

For the record, “dormant” comes from the Latin word “dormire”, which means to sleep:

To sleep, perchance to dream;

I wonder what this orange bird is dreaming of?

7 responses to “Daily Post: Dormant

  1. Amazing how we don’t take advantage of things in our own backyard! Beautiful bird and photo.

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    • Johna Till Johnson

      Thanks! Yes, he took lots of photos of birds that day.

      There’s one of a duck with a very skeptical expression (I know, how can you tell what a duck is thinking? But this expression is totally skeptical!). I’ll have to wait for the right prompt for that one!

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  2. May I just say that I found Vlad’s photos of birds, particularly the pelican shots, truly beautiful and inspirational.

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  3. Wow, what a spectacular color! No hiding for that bird.


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