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Travel Theme: Rivers

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Rivers.

Kayaking around Manhattan revolves (so to speak) around three rivers: the Hudson River, the East River, and the Harlem River. (Two and a half of them are not really rivers, but we won’t let that distract us here.)

And so, when we fly back to NYC, we always try to sit by the window. It’s such a pleasure to see these rivers spread out below, and to recognize all the bridges and piers, the islands and bays that we’ve come to know so intimately from kayak level.

From the air (click on any image to expand)…

DSC_0557 cropped small 2

… and from kayak level

Typical summertime conditions ;-)

1. East River: Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg Bridges

Downtown vista

2. East River: Moody Downtown vista

From the air…

DSC_0552 cropped small 2

… and from kayak level

... as we launch down the Hudson

3. Hudson River: The new World Trade Center ahead

From the air…

DSC_0556 cropped small 2

… and from kayak level

We pass Chelsea Piers

4. Hudson River: Chelsea Piers and the Empire State Building

IMGP4507 cropped small

5. Hudson River: Summertime evening on the river

One of the classic views

6: East River: Midtown Manhattan vista

From the air…

DSC_0563 cropped small 2

… and from kayak level

White mulberries!

7: Harlem River: White mulberries!

IMGP1124 cropped small

8. Harlem River: Under the RFK Bridge in falling snow

Nocturne: the George Washington Bridge

9. Hudson River: George Washington Bridge nocturne

Travel Theme: Height

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Height.

When returning to New York City by plane, I always try to sit in a window seat. And these days, I look not so much at the land below, but at the water. One of the great pleasures of landing in New York is recognizing from above all the waters where we kayak, the bays and islands that we now know so intimately.

From a kayak, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge appears gigantic—look how it dwarfs Fort Wadsworth to the right of it, itself a massive structure…

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, from a kayak

… but from the air it is just a toy.

DSC_0527 cropped small

Here’s the southwestern tip of Staten Island…

The Outerbridge Bridge, from a kayakDSC_0524 cropped small

… Gowanus Bay with the Loujaine

The Loujaine and the grain elevator in Gowanus Bay, from a kayakDSC_0537 cropped small

… and finally, the East River and its bridges!

IMGP6086 cropped smallDSC_0548 cropped smallDSC_0557 cropped small

In Preparation for Landing, Please Return Your Seat Backs to Their Full Upright Position… and Take Out Your Cameras!

By Vladimir Brezina

Like everyone who travels often enough by airplane, I’ve seen breathtaking things from the plane’s window: towering cloud formations, lightning storms, the brilliant colors of sunrise and sunset, and the map-like pattern of land and water sliding into view below.

But until yesterday, I’ve never taken out my camera. Looking out through a misted, scratched window at a cramped angle not under my control, the photographic situation didn’t seem too promising.

Still, I’ve always been tempted in one case—when landing in New York City. When landing at LaGuardia Airport, especially, if the wind is right the plane flies along the length of Manhattan, offering spectacular low-altitude views of the city.

So yesterday, when it looked like we were following that flight path once again, I got out my camera. And I was not disappointed!

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