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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Threshold:

“A threshold is a point of entering; that point just before a new beginning — that split-second moment in time, full of anticipation. All the hard work is over; relief is palpable.”

But then, as often as not, an unanticipated trap springs shut and your life spins in quite a different direction…

Trapped mouse 1
Trapped mouse 2
Trapped mouse 3
Trapped mouse 4

This post was inspired by 2812 Photography’s “Threshold” post and the questions it asks.

The first, more benign, “Threshold” post was here.

Smart Mouse Trap

By Vladimir Brezina

A smart mouse-trap or a smart-mouse trap? Where are those hyphens when you need them? We’ll have to test this trapped mouse in the lab to see if it is a smart mouse. Probably it isn’t all that smart if it got trapped in a mouse trap, but then again, it is a smart mouse trap…