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Award Appreciation: We Thank Our Readers For…

By Vladimir Brezina and Johna Till Johnson

AwardsWe didn’t really know what to expect when we started blogging. We certainly had no idea that the best part of blogging—truly, the very best—would be discovering the vast audience of sympathetic readers out there, many of whom have wonderful blogs of their own that we now love and follow.

And we are very gratified to find that they like our blog in turn! We’re grateful and honored by the many awards that our readers  have bestowed on us. Over the last eight months or so, since our last acknowledgment of awards, those awards include…

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It’s Awards Time Again!

By Vladimir Brezina and Johna Till Johnson

It’s that season again! Every now and then there seems to be a wave of blogger awards, and a particularly big one appears to be cresting now…

Bloggers have different reactions to these awards. But whatever you may think, each award does represents a wish on the part of the donor to honor the recipient. So we feel truly honored to have received, in the past week or so, these four awards:

We thank all three bloggers very, very much for their appreciation of Wind Against Current!

And now it’s our turn to pass the awards on to blogs that we particularly enjoy and admire. Leaving aside blogs that we’ve already passed awards to in previous rounds of award-giving (here and here), we nominate these 16 blogs:

(To avoid multiplication of awards without end, we ask the recipients to pick just the one award that most appeals to them. Perhaps, if the awards are selected too, some will become truly sought after…)

We look forward to reading more beautiful and inspiring posts on these blogs in the future. Readers, do check them out!