Finials: A Photoessay

By Vladimir Brezina

Fierce eagles on top of poles are a grand imperial convention

but in Florida every pole has on it a bird

that is not an eagle, but (usually) a pelican.

They perform, preen

or just sleep.

14 responses to “Finials: A Photoessay

  1. Great to see some pelicans again! I take my camera out kayaking and have a bunch of gulls sitting on the poles here in the Thimble Islands in CT. I feel the best pictures come from the water to land. Thanks for sharing these.


    • Most of these photos were actually taken from land. Photos taken with a 300mm lens from a kayak bobbing in the waves are usually not quite as sharp… But during this last visit to Florida I did capture a number of acceptable photos that way nevertheless—forthcoming!


  2. last summer i was snorkelling in the dry tortugas when suddenly a huge splash happened right next to me. my heart lost a few beats, i’m sure, til i realized that a pelcan sleeping on a pole decided he needed to eat one of those fish right next to me. memorable . . . to be sure. see you saturday.


  3. eagles! I love to watch the eagles up on the palisades. They are the most amazing fliers. How I would love to find an eagle feather! Other than up by the palisades, do you encounter any on your wide scan of the harbor?


    • Not really much in the New York Harbor, although I am sure there are some on Staten Island or in Jamaica Bay. Eagles are actually not the most conspicuous birds—not like pelicans or egrets!


  4. Wonderful photos, as usual.


  5. This is a terrific entry. And, you’re right, there is a bird on nearly every post in Florida!


  6. dianne - "life as i see it" - "just because"

    I’m really enjoying you pelicans.. : )


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