Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Focus.

Got to focus on what’s most important…

DSC_0107 cropped small

Thunderstorm over the Gulf of Mexico, St. Pete Beach, Florida, August 2013. More photos are here.

A second Focus post is here.

68 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

  1. blueberriejournal

    I’d love to have a sip of that cool drink…


  2. wow , very nice :)


  3. Lovely composition and serenely calming.


    • I think it does capture the feeling of the moment quite well, actually. A beautifully colored sunset over the darkening sea, a thunderstorm in the distance just to give it extra drama, the warm evening air on the terrace, a mellow glass of wine… :-)


  4. Now that is called ‘focus’. :)


  5. I’m on my way out to buy a bottle of wine.


  6. You got that right!


  7. love the glas sweating and the light captured within it nice one Vladimir


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  9. Yes indeed! I love the way the gold in the wineglass is echoed in the sky – great shot – you must have been inspired :-)


  10. While I appreciate all your NYC shots, I am a big fan of the Gulf and will be there soon. Thanks for the foretaste of what is coming.


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  12. 2812 photography

    Beautiful example of both focus and minimalism. I love it.


  13. great focus – love the gold reflection :) and although I prefer red (wine) it just wouldn’t have worked here…


  14. I just love this photo. It calms me :) Yellow in the back yellow in the glass. Great reflection and a good shot. Just love it :)


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  16. Perfect and beautiful!


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  18. A marvellous way to enjoy a storm :)


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  20. Well done, Vladimir. A toast to you. Looks like a painting.


  21. Wow, beautiful! I love that the liquid in the glass is that amber color . . .


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  25. The final one is my favorite.


  26. Aah, almost a painting Vlad!!


  27. I just love the way the yellow color is reflected in the wine and the sky…great photo!


  28. Beautiful photo. Love how everything feels clean and fresh after a storm.


  29. Florida has the best sunsets. I’m on the same coast about 1 1/2 hours in Englewood and the sunsets are breathtaking. his one with the wine glass – perfection. Love it …


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  32. Who would have thought that the sunset, the water, and the thunderstorm and the glass of wine would make such a spectacular photograph! Well done! Without the wine it would have been a nice but not spectacular photo!


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