Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

This week’s Photo Challenge is Sea.

Where the sea meets the land is where it’s at. But you never know what you’ll get. It can be

too wimpy—

DCP_0725 croppedDCP_0736 croppedDCP_0740 cropped

too scary—

DSC_0077 croppedDSC_0044 croppedDSC_0063 cropped 2

or just right!

IMGP4882 cropped small 2IMGP4910 cropped smallDSC_0549 cropped smallDSC_0565 cropped small

The first Sea post was here.

31 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea, Take Two

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  2. All the photos are amazing. I need a long day at the beach.


  3. The water looks magnificent.


  4. Good sea feelings all round, even the scary ones!


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  6. Love the last two pics, body boarding is one of my favourite things about the beach…though I secretly wish I could surf.


  7. This challenge is right up your alley!



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  10. Wonderful pics, Vlad, especially the last four. :)


  11. Love the emotional attributions to each category! The sea is so powerful…


  12. wow, I hope you had fun, as I will never be that much into the surfing and water. I’d rather be on a Harley, LOL Nice photos


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  14. Terrific sequence.
    Personally, I’m real happy segue-ing from the great big sea to the closeup human!
    The sea is too grand for me.


  15. Vladimir, your photos are amazing as usual. For some reason I really liked the one with the person standing above and the person standing below…very nice composition.


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