Travel Theme: Work

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Work.

Work is done upon an object when a force displaces it through a distance—


—and nowadays, when everything works as it should, gigantic amounts of work continue to be done even when the workers take, for a few moments at least, a break from work—


From a Hidden Harbor Tour through New York Harbor in September 2013. Story and more photos are here.

27 responses to “Travel Theme: Work

  1. Perfect shot for the challenge and for you!


  2. Fascinating harbor trip and incredible shots.


  3. Was these pictures take from at open water from another huge ship or at the harbour ? I like the 2nd photo best but both of them are amazing !


    • The photos were taken from the Zephyr, a fast, moderately-sized excursion yacht, on which we toured the harbor for a couple of hours this past September.

      These two photos were taken in the Kill van Kull, a narrow and very busy part of New York Harbor. We on the Zephyr were moving past the container ship, but the container ship, with the tug Resolute alongside, was itself moving at a fairly fast clip. That may not be obvious from the photos, but I didn’t really have a photo that would have made that clear. In any case, here is a view of the Kill van Kull a couple of minutes after we had passed the container ship, looking back at it (on the left, rear) and other traffic—


  4. When I used to live in Philadelphia, I had a view of the river from our condo. I loved watching the tugboats taking the ships down the river, navigating them under the bridge and through the narrow turns. Two great shots of tugboats at work. Very vibrant colors. I like the one in the comments too, because it is a nice wide shot of the river with the tugboat.


  5. I love the scale of that first shot. Gotta love those tug boats.


  6. Looks like some dangerous work!


  7. This is a great answer to the challenge. Super images with great color contrast. And it seems to fit you name so well too!


  8. Thank you for these – they bring back memories of the Kill van Kull, which we saw out our 5th floor windows, and countless hours spent watching the parade of tugs and ships. Always fascinating.


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