Award Appreciation: We Thank Our Readers For…

By Vladimir Brezina and Johna Till Johnson

AwardsWe didn’t really know what to expect when we started blogging. We certainly had no idea that the best part of blogging—truly, the very best—would be discovering the vast audience of sympathetic readers out there, many of whom have wonderful blogs of their own that we now love and follow.

And we are very gratified to find that they like our blog in turn! We’re grateful and honored by the many awards that our readers  have bestowed on us. Over the last eight months or so, since our last acknowledgment of awards, those awards include…


versatileblogger111the Versatile Blogger Award from


Beautiful Blogger Awardthe Beautiful Blogger Award from


One Lovely Blog Awardthe One Lovely Blog Award from


Very Inspiring Blogger Awardthe Very Inspiring Blogger Award from


Reader Appreciation Awardthe Reader Appreciation Award from


Liebster Blog Awardthe Liebster Blog Award from


Super Sweet Blogging Awardthe Super Sweet Blogging Award from


Blog on Fire Awardthe Blog on Fire Award from


No Strings Attached Gratitude Awardthe No Strings Attached Gratitude Award from


realityblogawardthe R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. Blog Award from


shineonthe Shine On Award from


Wonderful Team Member Readership Awardthe Wonderful Team Member Readership Award from


Inspiring Blog Awardthe Inspiring Blog Award from


Sunshine Awardthe Sunshine Award from


Adventurous Blogger Awardthe Adventurous Blogger Award from


Blog of the Year Award 6 star jpegthe Blog of the Year 2012 Award from


These are all wonderful blogs that we read regularly, and we urge all our other readers to check them out!

These awards each have their own rules to follow and various questions to answer. We did that in our earlier awards posts (here, here, and here). But to do it again now for 16 different awards is beyond our strength, and most likely beyond our readers’ patience. ;-)

So we’ll simply go on to what we take to be the most valuable part of all this award-giving—to nominate for these awards, in turn, the blogs that we are most inspired by, both to acknowledge our enjoyment of them and to point them out for our other readers.

And there are many of them—just as well, since there are many awards to distribute! (And, no doubt, we’ll still find that we’ve inadvertently omitted some favorite, but infrequently published blog—apologies!)

Here’s our list, in alphabetical order ;-)

We know that some of you on this list may not be inclined to accept awards—we’ve still included you to thank you for inspiring and delighting us! But if you are so inclined, pick out any of the awards that we have at our disposal—or two, or three…!—and add it to your collection!

138 responses to “Award Appreciation: We Thank Our Readers For…

  1. That’s quite the collection :-)

  2. Congratulations on an impressive collection of well-deserved awards! Thank you for the mention. Best wishes for another wonderful year of paddling up the river of life! I look forward to another great year of stellar photos from you.

  3. Well done!(And thanks, of course, for the pingback!) ;-)

  4. this post took a LOT of work! congratulations, and you handled your fame well! z

  5. Well deserved, I love this blog.

  6. Wow! So many awards! Congratulations! :-)

  7. Congrats on your well-deserved recognitions. As I look at your list of award nominees, I am always amazed at all the blogs out there just waiting to be explored and discovered — always enjoy exploring these lists! Thank you ~ Kat

    • Johna Till Johnson

      You are most welcome, Kat! And yes, that’s really the best part of blogging, as we said–discovering all the other bloggers out there! (And these awards do help to do that.)

  8. Congrats! You deserve all the awards. I wish you another wonderful year of blogging! Good luck, good health, all the best!

  9. Oh, you two deserve every award in the book – congratulations on this hefty array of good will! I am constantly referring friends to your blog; all awards are well deserved. And thank you for the mention and link; I am honored.

  10. Congratulations to you both on all your well-deserved awards. :) Thanks so much for the mention and nomination. I do have most of these, but I do rather fancy the “no strings attached” Gratitude Award. :)

  11. Congratulations Johna and Vladimir! If any blog deserves awards, its definitely Wind Against Current. Your enthusiasm, dedication and fantastic content is an inspiration for many of us.

  12. Congrats on all of your awards-well deserved!! I’ve enjoyed being a loyal follower and can’t wait to see what you bring in this New Year!! =)

    • Johna Till Johnson

      Thanks! Not that it’s pressure or anything… :-) :-) We’ll do our best to continue to earn your loyalty!

  13. Congratulations Vlad and Johna – your blog deserves every one of those awards and more that will keep coming. Thanks for the pingback and for the introduction to so many other inspiring bloggers. Keep those beautiful pictures and posts coming in 2013!

  14. You have one of the most interesting and well composed blogs here! You both deserve these awards- congratulations ( And you must both have really strong arms!!)

  15. Well done I am glad to have you on my list too

    Though I do not like the new READER hard to find you all :(

  16. My you really have the awards to show! Congrats and keep the photos coming.

  17. Congratulations on all those awards, what a treasure. and a huge thanks too! :)

  18. Congratulations on the numerous award nominations and thanks very much for the recognition!

  19. Congratulations!

  20. Thank you guys for including TWLG among your nominees! Congratulations to you, and thanks also for the introduction to so many new blogs – what a lot of reading I have to do. :)

  21. well deserving for your very beautiful blog :) thankyou so much for the pingback :)

  22. CONGRATULATIONS! Great collection of well deserved awards.

  23. Congratulations! An amazing array of awards. Thank you so much for the mention! :-)

  24. Congratulations!!!!! Your place is full of adventure, and adventure is important in life,,,You deserve it!
    And Thanks a lot for the mention!!!

  25. Congrats – well deserved. And thank you – I confess I wouldn’t know technically how to pick an award and add it to my collection (actually it would be the first). But it’s the thought that counts!

    • Absolutely no need to pick an award! But if you did want to do so, just pick the one you want—ultimately, they are all not that different from each other ;-) —and follow the rules. Which of course we didn’t follow, or even post—to see what they are, you might have to go to the blog that gave us that award. Then follow the rules or not, do with them what you will, your choice… :-)

  26. Congratulations – Yours is indeed a meritorious blog – both words and pictures and I’ve really enjoyed voyaging along with you in canoe around your part of the world. Thank you for the mention, for your support of my posts and for the nomination. Am minful of the honour, without taking the award

  27. congratulations..and thank you very much for the nomination .. you guys are one of our longest followers! :)

  28. Vladimir,
    Thanks for mentioning us, you are a great follower!
    Lots of love from Brazil..
    Cheers! :)

  29. Thank you so much for including me on your list! I am truly honored to be in such great company :)

  30. Pingback: Thank you! | lyndamichele

  31. Thanks for the mention, and keep up the great work here!

  32. thank you, again, for being so generous! xo, y

  33. Thank you, thank you, thank you…Really appreciate the mention!
    If I weren’t so technically challenged…haven’t figured out much more than simply posting on my blog at this point…thank you for your kindness though…greatly appreciated!

  34. Your blog is certainly deserving of accolades! Thank you for including me in your list of inspiration-worthy blogs.

  35. Congratulations on all your well-deserved awards!! I’m very honored for the mention and nomination especially coming from a blogger, photographer and writer whose body of work I truly admire..I look forward to more amazing photos from you!!

  36. In gratitude for your understanding…I am honored to be acknowledged on your blog list of nominations. I look forward to following you both in 2013 and I appreciate your taking time to click likes and write comments on my blog. All the best to you and congratulations on your extensive award collection. Wowee. Ruth in Pittsburgh

  37. Wow…congratulations on all your awards. Well deserved I may add and thank you so much for nominating me. I’m really honoured.

  38. let me say like Naomi (above):
    “Congratulations on an impressive collection of well-deserved awards! Thank you for the mention. Best wishes for another year of paddling up the river of life!”

  39. wow..that’s impresive!!well done!!one question..are we nominated for all these awards??thanks and have a nice day!!

  40. Congratulations again on your abundance of awards and thank you for including my blog… I am deeply honored and accept the gifts! :-)

  41. You deserve all those awards. Your blog is inspirational. Thanks for the nomination. I’ll read up on what I have to do. :)

  42. An impressive list of well deserved awards. Congratulations, and may 2013 be just a fruitful for you!

  43. Congratulations and Thank you!

  44. Congrats! I’m a new blogger and I hope to get an award too someday!

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  46. Wow! So many (well deserved) awards. Congrats and thanks for the mention. :D I would be grateful of any advice you have to improve my writing and one-year-old blog.

    All the best in 2013!
    – Catherine

    • Johna Till Johnson

      Congratulations to you, too, Catherine–you made it to the one-year mark! My advice: Write about (or photograph) what you’re truly passionate about.

      • Many thanks for the congratulations and great advice!

        • Johna Till Johnson

          You’re welcome–after I wrote that I thought, “Jeez, that sounds trite, EVERYBODY says that. ”

          I don’t mean it to be trite, but rather intensely practical… what I was getting at is that sometimes (often) you find yourself deciding between two different posts: one that you promised to write, or just want to done just to do one, or otherwise isn’t “singing” to you… and another one that grabs you by the throat.

          In that case…. do the second one! The other one will always be there for a slow day when you’re uninspired….but if you constantly tell your spirit and passion to wait for a more convenient time, it will eventually just give up and leave.

        • Johna I like your advice to Catherine — write when you are moved and inspired to do so. And on a day of zero inspiration write because you promised yourself you would. It reminds me of writers block. When faced with a blank sheet of paper — write something even if it starts “I really don’t feel like writing today!”

        • That’s actually a good, or least versatile, first sentence. It could lead to a memoir, or a self-help book… leaving your options open!

      • No worries, Johna! You are so kind to follow up with me. Thanks again for your help! : )

  47. Congratulations on your stockpile of awards :-) I am honoured to be in your list of nominees, thank you.

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