Travel Theme: Peaceful, Take Two

By Vladimir Brezina

Ailsa’s travel-themed photo challenge this week is Peaceful. We’ve already posted one Peaceful photo here. Here are a few more.

A peaceful early morning during our recent kayak trip in Florida

(click on any photo to view larger size)

This was Day 4 of the trip—still to be written up…

28 responses to “Travel Theme: Peaceful, Take Two

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  2. I love the way you captured the docks with unique angles and composition.


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  4. Intriguing and surrealistic. At first I though you were high in the heavens, looking down . . . and that didn’t make sense. Quite an illusion at first. Water like glass, and peaceful indeed!


  5. Amazing photos although my first feeling was one of vertigo rather than peacefulness as it looked like these structures were suspended in the clouds rather than over water.


  6. In a word: beautiful.


  7. Beautiful! You’re just down the road from our previous home on Sarasota. It’s a great area to photograph. I especially love the first photograph, and the water smooth as glass in the early morning.


  8. These photos are just beautiful!


  9. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! We don t know if we are near by ground or on a terrace up in the sky ! ( like jack and the magical bean!)
    Enchanting, as a fairy tale… I guess you don t need to add much words to it


  10. Beautiful Vladimir!



    Just mezmerizing still waters Vlad.



    Looking down …..priceless!!


  13. I first thought it was something above the clouds looking down also.


  14. Thanks for stopping by, and for including the Photo 101 posts. Will give them a gander. Your photos, as always, are excellent – congrats on being included in the series!


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