By Vladimir Brezina

The Summer Solstice has just occurred, so— Happy Summer!

And the livin’ is easy…

(Of course, Happy Winter! to those in the Southern Hemisphere :-) )

15 responses to “Summertime!

  1. In the UK we’re still waiting for summer. It should be here today of course, being the longest day, but it’s grey skies and coolness, with even cooler days next week. But, hey, we’ll be more than happy when it does come.


  2. Happy Summer Solstice you two!!


  3. It depends always on the perspective ;) and it looks like really easy livin’/goin’ :mrgreen: ! Nice time for Johna and you ! Greetings from Anja after the shortest night of the year ;)


  4. FrischeKick Fotografie

    Wow, is THAT your house?
    I’d love to live by the sea… Here in Switzerland we don’t have it at all.
    Okay we have beautiful rivers and lakes, but this isn’t the same =)


  5. This looks very peaceful! Love the image…


  6. Great picture. Lovely backdrop, too.


  7. Thank you and to you both as well. Beautiful shot.


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